We’re developing the building blocks for the future of transport.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve transported millions of passengers, so we understand what it takes to deliver a reliable and flexible mobility service. Let us help you redefine the way people move around in our cities.

We want to power the future of mobillity to give everyone affordable, clean personal transport whenever they want it.

We’re 30+ talented mobility team members with more than 6 years of experience building on-demand transport solutions. Get to know some of the people behind our key teams and find out what they’re working on and motivates them.

Data Science
Meet Johannes, our head data scientist. Him and his team look at all the data Drivr generates, and ensures all decisions are backed up by data. Hear more about the team’s efforts to build visualisation tools that make better use of all the geolocation data we gather.

Technology Stack
Meet Jostein, our product director. He’s responsible for delivering state-of-the-art, easy to use products. Hear more about the future of transport, and how the team is staying ahead of the game by building ridesharing systems.

Vehicle Connectivity
Meet Nikolaj, our head of embedded systems. He ensures any car can be connected to the grid and can communicate with the Drivr platform. Find out about our plans to create an open source community letting anyone contribute to our technology and develop their own car connectivity tools.

Mobile SDKs
Peter’s our head of mobile and SDKs. He’s responsible for making sure our whole technology stack is as modular and dynamic as it should be. Hear more about our vision to provide end-to-end SDKs to enable anyone to quickly build transportation apps.

Want to join us and change how the world moves? Apply now!